I did a great back workout today and I want to share an exercise with you. This is an exercise that most people do wrong IF the target muscle is the erector spinae, the long muscles in the back that stretches all the way along your spine. You see people using heavy weights as added resistance, going up and down too fast too high with the risk of injury.

Try this instead:


Use a back lift rack, most of them are in a 45 degree inclination. However, the best ones are fully horizontal, not frequently found in gyms these days though.

Start off with the spine in its normal curvature, the arms crossed on your chest. Now slowly curve your back, as if you were doing a ab crunch. From the ”crunched” position, slowly erect the spine until you are back in the normal curvature. Do not go any further up and over stretch at the end, because that will stress the joints in the spine increasing the risk of injury! If you do this right, you will concentrate on working the erector spinae, and you will feel it! A very important thing to remember with this exercise is that the pelvis should remain fixated throughout the entire motion. Make sure you adjust the rack to support the pelvis, it should rest comfortably against the padded area. I have recently started adding resistance, holding a plate(5kg) in my crossed arms. This can be a bit tricky and feel uncomfortable when doing the motion, but it will improve the workload of the exercise a lot. Just remember to add resistance wisely, not too fast, learn to master the technique first!

Good luck! 😀



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